The magic of grounding

At the time of snapping this picture, I was thoroughly exhausted, happy, filthy, hungry, satisfied, and grateful. It was last Sunday afternoon, around 5ish, I think. I had an unnapped toddler on my boob, a frozen pizza in the oven, and my dirty feet kicked up in bed. It.Was.Bliss.

It was the first official weekend of spring, and the weather cooperated quite nicely. Clear blue sky, endless sunshine, and a cool breeze. It’s a good thing, too, because I received a very clear, very specific message to get my bare feet to the Earth. The Divine timing of this message was undeniable. I was coming off of weeks of sitting at my desk, working way more hours than I’d like to admit. I could feel my body craving fresh air and sunshine, but between the deadline for final edits of the magazine, helping two successful, spiritual entrepreneurs with their marketing strategies, editing my next book, and everything else I currently have going on (super grateful for the fullness of life, right now!), I fell into that nasty trap of pushing, pushing, pushing, going, going, going, working, working, working. And it had begun to take its toll.

So when I was told to ground myself, I listened. I painted my toenails a bright, cheery, springy pink and swore off shoes for the rest of the weekend. I spent the majority of the next 48 hours with my hands and feet in the dirt. I weeded. I pruned. I planted. I repotted. I played! The hours seemed to fly by, yet with each moment that passed, I felt the stress melt away.

The tightness in my shoulders relaxed. I remembered how to laugh, how to listen, how to connect. With myself, my family, nature, the Earth. I remembered how gratifying it is to be sticky with sweat and sunscreen, from head to toe. Nails black with dirt. Cheeks pink from exertion and the sun. Listening to our children play. The birds cawing and singing, overhead. I remembered the smells. The citrusy scent of fresh-clipped lantana and wax myrtle. The earthiness of the soil. The unmistakable smell of a neighbor firing up the grill. The sweetness of cut grass.

It was good for my soul, y’all. It felt like the excitement, freedom, and magic of childhood. I loved it. Even thinking back on it, now, I’m flooded with all the feels. It really is the simple things, for me anyway. And it was a much needed reminder to slow down. To be here, now, creating this amazing life with my family. To lighten up and stop with all the worry and stress. To open my eyes and really see the abundance that is, literally, all around me. I have so much to be grateful for.

All of this from yard work. All of this from listening to my higher self and taking her advice to focus on grounding. It’s magic. All of it. The grass, the sun, the birds, the herbs, the kids, the dirt, the sweat, even the burgers on the grill. And, by golly, it’s so clear when I’m rooted in the now and can actually see it.

Thankful for the reminder.