What do you daydream about?

I’m about to make you get honest with yourself. You’re ready, babe, I know it, so don’t just keep scrolling.

What do you daydream about when your mind wanders?

Most mindset coaches would now have you write in great detail about whatever it is you “dream” about. But what if, when your mind is still and begins to wander, your thoughts aren’t joyous or happy or amazingly fanciful? What then?

You shove those thoughts deep within you, don’t you? And then you manufacture some bullshit dream life that you think you “should” want because that’s just what people want, right? The house, the car, the vacations, the money. Oh so much money! Right?

Then what? You instantly roll your eyes at yourself.

You’re not fooling anyone. Not yourself. Not the Universe. Not God. No one.

So answer the question again. What do you daydream about when your mind wanders?

I invite you to write that question down in your journal and be honest with yourself. Brutally honest. Don’t be afraid to write down your true stream of consciousness. Be brave.

Be brave because what you write here – this is what’s keeping you stuck, part of it anyway. And if you truly allow yourself to go there, like really explore that shit, your true desires will begin to show through.

I get that this sounds entirely counterintuitive and “low vibe” and not anything like anyone would tell their client or whomever to do. BUT…

If you’re not honest with yourself, if you gloss over the shadow in order to stay in the light, just because that’s what the “experts” are telling you that you need to do – all that garbage you originally shoved way down deep into the bowels of your true self – it’s all going to stay there and fester. It’s going to stay at the forefront of your subconscious, just out of reach of your conscious brain, and it’s going to help you manifest EVERYTHING you’ve been too scared to even admit.

Trust me.

So, take a second to be honest with yourself. Figure out the shit that’s standing in your way. Heal it.