How staying off social media has improved my life.

About 2 months ago, I accidentally stopped getting on social media. It was totally unintentional, and I really didn’t even notice, for about a week. Let me go ahead and mention, right here, before I go any farther, that when I say I stopped getting on social media, I’m talking about in my spare time, and when it’s not work-related. (I am after all in the business management biz). And I’m not off 100%, but I’d say my social media consumption is down at least 90%. More than anything else, I may peruse Instagram or Pinterest for funny memes, because who doesn’t need more funny memes in their life?!

I believe social media is like sugar. A little bit is satisfying, but if I’m not careful, I’ll just keep going back for more, until I look down and see that half the cake is gone. (cake=time, in this analogy) But once it was out of my system, I stopped craving it.

I’ve listed several ways in which my life has improved, since removing social media from my day to day life. I will likely come back and add more, as time goes on. I urge you to try it. You might find that you really do have time to do that thing you’re always saying you don’t have time to do.

  1. I’m so much more productive. I don’t spend mindless minutes throughout my day scrolling, which add up to mindless hours.
  2. I’m so much more present. I actually watch a movie or a show with the kids rather than just sitting there, scrolling.
  3. I’m writing more. Again with the scroll, yall. Instead of reading what other people are writing all day long, I, myself, write something that they can read.
  4. I have so many ideas. When I’m not so caught up in keeping up with the Joneses, I’m able to channel my own creativity.
  5. I’m getting more sleep. Instead of taking one last peek at all the things, I put my phone away and go the heck to sleep.
  6. I’m meditating more often. I’m so much more intentional with my time. I used to think I didn’t have time to fit in meditation. No, I was choosing to scroll, instead. Now, I easily fit in at least 20 mins of meditation time every day.
  7. My overactive brain has slowed down. I don’t constantly have to be looking at something or reading something or googling something. I’m not jumping topics every 12 seconds. I’m actually able to stay on task .
  8. Have I mentioned how productive I’ve been? I mean, dang. It’s amazing how much time I magically found to get things done.
  9. My screen time has dramatically decreased. Less screen time is always a good thing!
  10. I don’t even miss it. I really don’t. But I know it’s there, if there’s ever a time when I want to look at pictures or catch up with folks.
  11. No drama or political posts! I mean, need I say more?
  12. I’m not constantly being sold to. So many people use social media for business, myself included. But there comes a time, when I just want to veg out and look at pictures of cute babies and people lip syncing badly, ya know? I don’t always want what you’re selling all up in the middle of my feed. Being off of social media solved that one pretty quickly.
  13. I have so much less pressure! I used to always want to post things because it looked like so much fun. But then I’d doubt that my pictures were “good” enough or my words wouldn’t be witty enough. I was putting so much undue pressure on myself. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Social media is not all bad. I understand that it is a powerful tool, but so is being present and living intentionally.