Are you out of alignment, or is it ego resistance?

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Things have been sailing along so smoothly lately. All of a sudden, you wake up feeling funky about your business. Thinking about doing the things you used to love just don’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling anymore. Are you out of alignment or is it ego resistance?

Before I list 5 ways to identify resistance or misalignment, I think it’s important to talk about what ego resistance is and why it happens. Our ego’s job is to keep us safe. Whether it’s good for us or not, the ego wants to stay in a space of familiarity, ie. in our comfort zones. When you’re about to do something that your ego knows will move you forward, it starts acting out. One way is through self-sabatage, aka ego resistance. In a nutshell, it’s making excuses or doing dumb shit in an effort to not be awesome. So are you out of alignment or is it ego resistance?

4 ways to tell if it’s ego resistance or energetic misalignment

1. How do you feel just thinking about it?

Think Sunday Blues. If thinking about what you have to do tomorrow ruins your today, something’s got to change. But this can be tricky because you may have to get through several layers of change and moving on before you find that thing that lights you up.

Ego resistance won’t ruin your today, just by thinking about what you have to do. Being out of alignment feels like some degree of dread. Ego resistance feels more like…not dread. In my experience, it feels like basically anything else. Feeling lazy, nervous, like you made a bad decision, apathetic, annoyed, scared, and unworthy are a few examples. But not that hollow feeling in your belly that comes with dread.

2. What would happen if you did it?

Would it result in nothing more than checking the boxes (or checking someone else’s boxes)? I know this sounds rather snarky, but I think you know what I mean. Are you hustling for the sake of hustling? Going through the motions just to DO something? If so, you’re out of alignment.

Would it further your career? Your business? Your expertise? Your reach? Does it feel scary because you if you do it, you’ll have to step up and out out your little zone of comfiness? If so, that’s your ego. Do the damn thing, my dear Magical Lady Boss. Do the damn thing!

3. Let’s say that you just did it. How do you feel now?

Jazzed? Excited? Ready to do it again? Suddenly, you seem to be flooded with inspiration to do more? Yep, that was just your ego telling you not to do it, in the first place.

Bored? Nothing? Relieved? Sorry, boo. You’re likely out of alignment.

4. Does it bring you joy?

No explanation needed for this one.

What to do next…

Listen, if you’re out of alignment with your current situation, you are in complete control to shift that. You can either bail and move on to something that you KNOW you’re aligned with. Or, if you’re already doing that thing, but things have gotten stale, it’s in your power to rejuvinate the energy. Check out this post for ideas about how to become aligned af with your business. Many times, it can be as simple as reconnecting. Reconnecting with yourself, your why, your people, etc.

But if it’s truly not working – if you’re just not energetically aligned with your current situation, please don’t stuff it down and fake it ’til you make it. You are meant to live a happy and fulfilled life. Get out there and LIVE!

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