25 things you can do RIGHT NOW, if you’ve hit the creative wall

Dude, we’ve all been there.

And as a creative, I’ve banged my head again that dang wall waaayy too many times to count. It always comes on hard and fast, but seriously, you’d think I’d know how to prevent it by now because, for real, it’s usually after I’ve been holed up, working too hard, not getting enough exercise, not having near enough fun, or a slew of other things that basically point to me not taking good enough care of myself. BUT, since I have an exorbitant amount of experience in this arena, I’m gonna share my go-to list of 25 things to do right now, if you’ve hit the creative wall.

1. Vacuum

It works everytime, for me.

2. Yardwork

Including, but not limited to mowing the grass, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, and pruning your herbs (ahem, hello grounding!)

3. Take a nap

Even if it’s just a 10 minute power nap or a 2 minute reset. Do it. It’ll help.

4. Move

I mean, not like move, move. But grab your laptop or a notebook, get up, and move your butt to a different spot. Bonus points, if you move to a window with an awesome view.

5. Dance party!

No explanation needed, my dear Magical Lady Boss. Shake your booty ’til you’re winded.

6. Go for a walk or a run

Even just 5 minutes down and 5 minutes back

7. Go to the mall and people watch

Allow yourself to be curious and fascintated by all the awesome people in this world.

8. Nothing. Do nothing. Just sit there and breath for a second.

If you’re usually a mover and a shaker, this is freaking tough. Even more reason to do it.

9. Clean your bathroom.

While it’s probably first on your list, it’ll help you shift and get over the wall. Something about that rythmnic scrubbing knocks away the funk…plus you have a squeaky clean shower, to boot. #winwin

10. Clean all your windows.

Again with the rhythmnic scrubbing.

11. Grab a piece of paper (or, you know, your journal) and a pen.

Start writing. No thinking, just writing.

12. Watch an 80’s movie.

Doesn’t matter which one. They’ll all do the trick.

13. Walk around the grocery store, complimenting folks.

I shit you know, you’ll make yourself and a whole lotta other people feel good af.

14. Hit the drive-thru at your favorite coffee shop and pay for the car behind you.

Best feeling in the world. Both paying and getting a free cuppa joe!

15. Clean out a closet or three.

For real, though. You’re not going to wear that pair of gold sequinned pants or the matching beret ever again.

16. Have a scroll through Pinterest.

But nothing even closely related to your business. I recommend cute sea turtles or baby goats.

17. Call somebody.

Lol. Who am I kidding. Text your bestie or your brother or your first grade teacher. Somebody. Connect.

18. Got kids? Grab some crayons, markers, pompoms, yarn, glue, whatever else you’ve got stashed away.

Go make your masterpiece.

19. Get on IG and search an inspirational hashtag.

Again, nothing work related.

20. Yo, grab a book. Like a paperback.


21. Cartwheel/pirouette/cheer/back tuck/sing showtunes.

Whatever you did in high school – do that. Please don’t pull a hammie. But have a great fucking time!

22. Watch Pitch Perfect.

I fucking love all three of these movies, but I’m partial to the last performance in the first one. #grabsomebodysexy

23. Have sex. Masturbate.

I mean…next time, just do this first. It’ll prolly save you a bunch of cleaning.

24. Make a gratitude list.

List EVERYTHING. Even the shit that gets on your nerves. SHIFT THAT ISH!

25. Have a hot shower, make a cup of tea, light a candle.

Chill the fuck out. You can start again tomorrow.

*Originally published on Magical Lady Boss 7/24/2019*