Why every online entrepreneur needs an Etsy shop.

It may seem like an odd recommendation that an online entrepreneur should have an Etsy shop, but hear me out. Whether you’re a coach or a course creator, you could be missing out on some major passive income and the chance to explode your business with very little ongoing effort! If you’re an entrepreneur in the online space, here’s why you need an Etsy shop!

Why every online entrepreneur needs and Etsy shop

Why Etsy?

As of 2018, Etsy had over 33 MILLION registered users. These 33 million people already know and trust Etsy, and they spent nearly $4 BILLION on handmade and vintage stuff.

That’s a lot of freaking people who want to spend a lot of freaking money on real products, from real people, rather than buying mass produced crap from a big box retailer.

Wouldn’t you love to get your offerings in front of millions of new eyes? Hell yeah! Try getting those kinda numbers from your social media reach or from your own website views!

But I don’t make things or have any old shit vintage items hanging around to sell!

Dude, OF COURSE YOU DO! Ok, maybe not the vintage items (thanks Marie Kondo!), but stop it with the excuses and think for a second.

To legally sell something on Etsy, you have to deliver a physical product. Aside from metaphysical stuff that promises a physical change (think a spell for weight loss or a tincture for attracting more lovers), anything that delivers a physical product to the customer is fair game.

In Etsyland, PDF, JPEG, and PNG files that a customer can download is considered a physical product! ADDING A SIMPLE PDF TRANSFORMS WHATEVER IT IS YOU’RE SELLING INTO A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!

So yes, you do, indeed, have something of value to sell in your Etsy shop.

Here are just a few examples:

  • A digital course with an informational PDF download (which has links to say – I don’t know – a dropbox file full of content)
  • ebooks
  • How-to instructional videos (again with an informational/thank you for buying my video PDF)
  • Healing sessions (with a PDF with a link to your calendar, perhaps)
  • Editing services (PDF with a link to a form, where the customer can input their contact info and upload the document to the edited)
  • Illustration services
  • Custom graphic design/branding services
  • Readings
  • Branded Swag/Merchandise

The options are endless, yall. Now you’re starting to catch my drift, right?! Now you’re starting to see why every online entrepreneur needs an Etsy shop!

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