Top 5 reasons all network marketers need branded swag

And no, I don’t mean swag from their MLM company.

Network marketing is a favorite among the #momboss and #mompreneur population. For good reason, too, because direct sales companies provide support, education, resources, etc, etc for anyone who is willing to take a stab at building a business.

what every network marketer needs to have to boost their business

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a network marketer, so let me ask you a question:

How do you differentiate yourself from the hundreds of thousands of other reps/consultants/coaches out there who are also building a business in the online space?

Of course you’re your own authentic self, unlike anyone else on the planet, let alone in your company, but what sets you apart? Your brand. Have you established a personal brand, one that is not centered around your MLM?

If your answer is YES, then hell yeah and high fives all around. If it’s NO…well, it’s time you do that, sister. But that’s a different post for a different day. Today, I’m focusing on how to bolster your personal brand, boost your business, and really set yourself apart from other people in your industry (whether they’re with your company or not) with branded merchandise. Yep, I’m talking swag, baby.

Here are the top 5 reasons all network marketers need branded swag:

1) You are not your company. You are YOU. (Personal) branded swag gives you an awesome opportunity to get your message out to the world, without any affiliation to your company. Sure the products your MLM sells are still a part of what you offer, but it’s not everything. Branded merchandise is easily curated and customized in a way that lets the products you rep support your brand and vice versa. For example, let’s say you’re a Beachbody coach. Your branded swag may include workout tank tops with funny sayings on them. Or a reusable water bottle with a cute design or inspirational quote on it. Or socks. Or a sweatshirt. See what I mean. These products go hand in hand with the MLM’s products. Your target audience would be the same for both.

2) Passive income from an additional revenue stream…that’s totally separate from your MLM. No downline necessary. Can I get an amen on that?!

3) It gives you something else to post about. Having interests outside of your MLM is a good thing, and people will enjoy a little variety in your posts.

4) And it gives you something else to take pictures of. You’re already taking selfies, so why not take them while holding your personally branded coffee mug?!

5) If you’ve built a large downline, you can also sell to them! Or give it as gifts to your top business builders. Or gifts for new preferred customers or anyone who joins your team. Think about that! Your products in the hands of people all over the place!

Now that I’ve gotten you excited about branded swag, let’s talk about the logistics of it. How does one go about getting branded swag? Easy. With a dropshipper. No inventory. No shipping. No ongoing work, other than creating awesome new stuff!

And you’ll need an ecommerce store. Hello Etsy! You can read why Etsy is the no-brainer choice for your store here.

And the best part? It can all be integrated and run on its own. For so little investment, it’s almost laughable.

I know. You’re probably asking yourself why you haven’t done this yet. Well now you can!

Master Your Merch.  Create branded sway for your online business.

I’ve created this self-paced, step by step course to walk you through everything. You can be up and running in no time and tap into that stream of passive income you’ve been missing out on.

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