How to create custom graphics with transparent backgrounds for free

Photoshop’s great. So is Illustrator. And Procreate. Even Canva Pro. But damn, if you don’t use these programs daily or even weekly, paying for them kinda sucks. If you’re currently creating designs for your branded swag and not able to download your designs without a background because you don’t pay for a graphic design program, you know how much that sucks too. One question I get asked often is how to create graphics with transparent backgrounds for free.

I’m sure there are loads of different ways, but here’s my favorite. It’s quick, easy, and, honestly, I prefer using it for quick and easy designs over Canva. It’s called Crello. It’s an online based graphic design program that is growing quickly, and it has some features that I love that Canva doesn’t – and transparent backgrounds with a free account is one of them!

Here’s a quick how-to video:

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